Harmonica Workshops

Well-known chromatic harmonica designers from different countries and regions are invited to hold special workshops to introduce their design concepts, so that harmonica users can understand the profoundness of chromatic harmonicas.

Invited chromatic harmonica designers include Naotaka KISHI (Japan) of CREMONA, Will WU (China) of Oritta, Johnny CHAN (Hong Kong) of Harmonica Art and Dick LAU (Hong Kong) of KEPLER.

We have also invited them to join our forum, where these chromatic harmonica designers will not only share and exchange ideas about the latest trends of harmonica design and user experience, but also the history and innovation of craftsmanship.

Venue: Hong Kong City Hall Recital Hall.


Time: Apr 7, 2023 (Friday), 09:30-11:30

Kepler chromatic harmonica focuses on the tone and colors. Material is a very important issue. Precision production is key. Select the suitable and long years air-dried woods which bring the tone to a higher level. Different combinations also make a different style of performance. If you are interested in more details about Kepler, please come and join our workshop on Apr 7, 2023 (Friday) at 9:30 am in Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall.


Time: Apr 7, 2023 (Friday), 11:30-13:00

CREMONA Chromatic Harmonica was developed with the goal of creating a comfortable sound and an instrument which can collaborate equally with any other prestigious musical instruments. CREMONA Harmonica has been developed from the player's point of view to be easy to maintain as well.

At the ICHC Workshop, you will have the opportunity to know CREMONA Harmonica lineup, its special features, and the tone of its sound. Several useful maintenance tips will be shared too. Don't miss this opportunity to hear the Cremona chromatic harmonica in action.


Time: Apr 7, 2023 (Friday), 19:30-21:00

The Oritta workshop is divided into three parts. The first part will introduce the founder Will's harmonica design career. In the second part, we will introduce Oritta's competitive products and the features and advantages of these products. The third part will be presented by Mark Weber on behalf of us, showcasing the outstanding performance of the Advanced series harmonicas.


Time: Apr 8, 2023 (Friday), 14:30-16:00

J&T Harmonica Workshop has been established for over 20 years and has always adhered to the concept of innovation, with the needs of the performers as its focus. They have conducted in-depth research on the design and materials of chromatic harmonicas. They will take this opportunity to share their design concepts and experiences over the years with all harmonica enthusiasts. They have also invited Mr AU Chun-lok, a senior chromatic harmonica enthusiast, to explain the setting of harmonica reeds, making this lecture more perfect. You are welcome to attend and give guidance at that time!