Harmonica Design Forum

With its miniature physical dimensions, harmonica has surprised many music lovers with its extraordinarily exquisite parts inside. What is within a harmonica remains to be an intriguing question for many to discover. As an academic exchange, this two-hour Harmonica Design Forum will harbour the analytical dialogues arising out of the ideas, concepts and experience of harmonica design and customisation.

Invited guests include Naotaka KISHI (Japan) of CREMONA, Will WU (China) of Oritta, joined by Johnny CHAN of Harmonica Art and Dick LAU of KEPLER, the representatives of local harmonica designers, as co-speakers. The forum will be held on 4 April (Tue) between 19:30 and 21:30 at the Theatre of the Hong Kong City Hall.

Apart from the forum, we have also invited each of them to host a workshop.