About the Competition

The 1st Hong Kong International Chromatic Harmonica Competition 2022 is an unprecedented multi-faceted musical event presented by the Hong Kong Harmonica Association. With a variety of fringe initiatives and innovative components, this momentous event promotes global exchanges and local awareness of harmonica culture.

The steadfast vision vested in this iconic project is to stage an international harmonica competition with the best quality among all the ongoing harmonica competitions worldwide. As the Competition identifies the new generation of emerging talents, high calibre contestants are connected with masters and professionals around the world. Thus, the Competition will amplify the multicultural dialogues that centres harmonica music, which is crucial in promoting its development.

In the lens of local communities, the members of the public are encouraged to participate in a series of outreach initiatives, such as masterclasses, master concert, interactive workshops and exhibition, which would strengthen the public awareness towards the fundamental concepts of harmonica, hence fostering a concrete audience base in the appreciation of harmonica culture in Hong Kong.

As vibrant, versatile and velocious, the Competition is a reflection of the very nature of harmonica, which also serves as the symbolic representation of this metropolitan city.

The 1st Hong Kong International Chromatic Harmonica Competition 2022" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.