Final Results

“The 1st Hong Kong International Chromatic Harmonica Competition” was over. The final competition is unveiled at Hong Kong City Hall after four rounds of selections. Showcasing the talent with stunning performances, the contestant from Hong Kong was awarded the honour.

In the four rounds of selection, contestants were tested on their stamina and abilities in various scenarios. The 22 high-calibre contestants were shortlisted for the quarter-final after the preliminary stage. Eight contestants were shortlisted for the Semi-final, and eventually, 4 contestants were selected for the Final. The finalists will perform and showcase their musical talents with the accompaniment by the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong under the baton of the internationally acclaimed conductor Robert Reimer, bringing unprecedented audiovisual enjoyment to the audience.

The four contestants- three from Hong Kong and one from Taiwan- were experienced in Harmonica performances. They have been featured in prestigious public and solo performances, being awarded in International competitions. After a professional assessment from the jury, LEUNG Pak-Yue was elected as the winner with heart-thumping performances.

The final results are shown as follows -

First Prize - LEUNG Pak-Yue (Hong Kong) Prize: HK$100,000

Second Prize - LIN Jia-Jing (Taiwan) Prize: HK$70,000

Third Prize - YIP Chun-Hei (Hong Kong) Prize: HK$50,000

Fourth Prize - LEUNG Shing-Hei (Hong Kong) Prize: HK$30,000

Congratulations to all award winners and special thanks to the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Eric Chan Kwok Ki, for attending the awards ceremony.

We would like to thank the staff and audience for your support. We look forward to seeing you again!

Congratulations to the 4 Finalists

Congratulations to the 8 Semi-Finalists

23 Contestants Confirmed to Attend

Congratulations to the Top 26 Contestants