Competition Schedule

The dates for the Competition had been postponed to 4-9 April 2023. Held in 3 stages (Quarter-final, Semi-final, Final), the most outstanding contestants chosen by the jury panel had been awarded prizes for widespread recognition.

Stage 1: Preliminary

Launching in October 2020, the call for entries is open. Interested participants around the world are invited to submit their applications online. Contestants will be selected on a professional and fair approach in different rounds. 24 contestants will be shortlisted in Aug 2021 and invited to take part in the Competition in Hong Kong in April 2023. 

Stage 2: Quarter-final

The 24 contestants will then proceed to the competition in the Quarter-final on the first and second days of the Competition. The format is harmonica solo with and without piano accompaniment. The Association will arrange piano accompanists for the contestants upon request. Local professional pianists will be invited to provide the service of piano accompaniment.

Stage 3: Semi-final

Eight contestants will be shortlisted and enter into the Semi-final on the fourth day. The format is harmonica solo with string ensemble. The Romer String Quartet will provide accompaniment to the contestants.

Stage 4: Final

Four contestants will be selected to go to the Final on the last day. Finalists will perform with accompaniment by City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong (CCOHK) under the baton of the internationally acclaimed conductor Robert Reimer. As this Competition becomes the first ever harmonica competition event that features a full orchestra, the spectators are witnessing one of the most significant milestones in the history of harmonica competitions and festivals worldwide.